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Here are a few of the web tools we offer. Please check in often because we will frequently update with new items.

Custom Web Site Template

Product 49 (#401)
Custome Page Template
Stock Photo of Product

Custom page templates for your homepage, website or community. Agree to let us design it for your site. You can add links and use on one site as many times as you like

For limited time only $19.

Your Banner on FLEIGH Finds

Product 10 (#402)
Get exposure!
Stock Photo of Product
Your Banner added to FLEIGH Find's Banner Rotation. You provide banner url, site url and we will add your banner in to this site for one month. You can get unlimited exposure and unlimited click throughs. This site gets 5,000 to 10,000 visits a month. And we have begun adding this rotation to other sites!

Limited number each month. Currently Only $25 a month!

Search Engine Submit

Product 12 (#404)
Get traffic!
Stock Photo of Product
Let them know your page exists! We will submit your site to 1000's of search engines, ffa pages and classified ad sites. Compare at $49.95 to $29.95

 Now only $10

10,000 Visitors to your website

Product 12 (#hit10k)
Get actual hits, over 10,000
Stock Photo of Product

If you have a website, you need traffic. Hits (or visitors) are vital to webmasters. For eBusiness, more visitors means more customers. Time to start a Traffic Jam. Hits not impressions not even clicks.  The price for actual guaranteed hits is very high. 10,000 actual visits to your page, could easily run you upwards of  $234.00. Wholesale this would run you about $129.00 (a mere .0129 per visit). I sell Guaranteed Traffic of 10,000 actual hits for $79. (only .0079 a visit).

Guaranteed Traffic of 10,000 actual hits for $79. (only .0079 a visit). NOW ONLY $49.
 Restrictions: No adult and no pop-ups

Forget impressions, Get actual Hits! 10,000 min.

All items subject to prior sale. Photos maynot accurately depict actual product so read product description carefully.

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