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Cell Phone Boosters Wholesale

 Retails for $19.99 + shipping handling


  Does your cell phone signal disappear every time you step into the elevator, parking garage, or the mall? How would you like to keep talking as if you were getting full reception? Do you live just out of reach of your service provider's coverage area?

Increase The Performance & Reception of Your Cell Phone!

     T his Internal Booster Antenna is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the phone and in the process it re-radiates the signal to improve the phone's performance. With this new technology from the internal antenna booster, you can use your cell phone in places inaccessible before. These locations include that of office buildings, shopping centers, elevators, automobiles, the outdoors, bridges and tunnels, and so much more.

How does our Internal Antenna Booster Work?

     O ur antenna booster increases signal strength as seen in the images below. This technology will reduce static on (analog) modes, and will decrease momentary data cutouts on (digital) modes. This Internal Antenna Booster is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation within the phone and re-radiate the signal to significantly improve your phone's performance.


Increases signal clarity


T ests have shown that it will add

two to three Bars on your Phone's 

Signal Strength Indicator.

Your results may vary.

Easy Installation - 4 Easy Steps

  1. Turn your cell phone off.
  2. Remove the Internal Booster Antenna from plastic. 
  3. Remove cell phone battery and adhere the Internal Booster Antenna onto your phone. 
  4. Replace battery and turn your cell phone on.
That's it! Now wasn't that easy? Enjoy the reduced static and enhanced signal on your cellular phone!!         

All it takes is only 30 seconds to install this antenna booster in your phone without any complicated tools!    No tools needed.

Size      T his antenna booster is a small fitting sticker like device that is installed between the battery and the cell phone, resulting in no additional weight or size increase. 



Our antenna booster works on nearly any mobile phone. It works to reduce static on analog, digital and tri-band phones.   Compatible phones include that of Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Sprint, Sanyo, Audiovox and Mitsubishi phones. Install easily in seconds. (These antenna boosters will NOT work with the Nextel 500 and 800 series).

Works on almost every cell phone. 



Retail for $19.99 + shipping handling  

Our Price: $4.95 FREE Shipping*

Packaging may vary


Under $4.95

PayPal Payments:

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1 Signal Booster Price: $4.95 Each Total: $4.95

2 Signal Boosters Price: $4.90 Each Total: $8.80

3 Signal Boosters Price: $4.85 Each Total: $14.55

4 Signal Boosters Price: $4.80 Each Total: $19.20

5 Signal Boosters Price: $4.75 Each Total: $23.75

10 Signal Boosters Price: $4.50 Each Total: $45.00
25 Signal Boosters Price: $4.40 Each Total:$110.00
50 Signal Boosters Price: $4.00 Each Total:$200.00
100 Signal Boosters Price: $3.00 Each Total:$300.00


Priority Mail

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Rush Service

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